Purpose University is an in-house dance workshop series created for studios and dance programs to help dancers navigate their dance journey with more focus and intention!

Purpose University has 3 workshop options available:

Dreamer Workshop:
This workshop is curated to ignite dancers within and give them tools to begin their journey of finding their Purpose in dance.
Visionary Workshop:
This workshop is for the dancers who are ready to take their Purpose in dance to the next level.
Innovator workshop:
This workshop is for the dancers who want to go “all in” on living a life of Purpose in dance.
Meet our Founder, Ashley Rich!
Meet Ashley
Why I started Purpose University...
I created Purpose University because I want to help dancers find Purpose in their dancing and find their bold voice within. I believe this workshop is life-changing, and as dancers go through this journey there will be a noticeable difference in their dancing and how they show up in the world.
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What makes our workshop different?

It is our goal to help your students grow! Whether you choose one of our 3 workshop options or want us to curate a personalized worksop for your students or team, they are guaranteed to grow, as dancers and people!
Feedback Follow-up
Included in each package is a follow-up email, zoom call, or phone-call discussing what we call “Glows and Grows” that our teachers experienced with your dancers.
Purpose Tribe!
When you register, you will become an official member of the Purpose Tribe where you will receive exclusive resources/content on our group page on the Band app!