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Long time no talk my beautiful dance family!!

Life has been crazy with everything going on around us and I honestly have been trying to keep my sanity while also taking the time to dig deep and process this new way of life.

In the midst of so many changes and so much loss, I have decided to choose gratitude…even when it’s hard to find it. While on this new journey of gratitude I decided to search deep within my heart and revisit my “Why”.

What “Why” you ask? Well, the “Why” that I am referring to is the “Why” behind everything I do each day. I truly love Dance and all that has come out of it throughout my life, but I had to seriously take some time and get to the core of why I love Dance.

I am so happy I did that because out of this momentary pause, a renewed passion was ignited and a program was birthed!

What is this new program? I know, you want me to get to it already..haha! Well, keep reading. You will get some background and some insight to why I am so excited about this new program below!


I apologize in advance for my long-winded answer, but let’s get to it! 

I think it’s important that I share the heart behind what prompted me to start this program so you can understand why it is so needed in the dance community.

I decided to create Purpose University to ultimately help dancers stay purposeful along their journey and to limit distractions that can deter them along the way and hinder them from greatness.

Many dancers fall victim to not having a focus and end up dancing for years without having any real concept of what they actually want to do with their dancing.

The truth is every dancer has a unique God-given gift in dance that has the ability to impact people in a positive way. Without having a space to cultivate their gift, comparison, lack of identity, and awareness of their inner, bold voice keep them from reaching their full potential. 

With that being said, I want to change that.

The current lack of focus in the dance community really resonates with me because it took me a few times of bumping my head along the way in my dance career to realize I had a bold voice within me that had been longing to be heard. And yes, I am super grateful for every opportunity I’ve had along the way, but I truly feel that I was given those diverse, dance experiences to be able to deliver insight on different paths in dance and what kind of mindset, awareness, and skills you need to experience fulfillment in whatever path you choose.

It is my passion to help dancers bypass certain hurdles that I had to face. And isn’t that what a big part of life is about?  I want to help as many dancers as I can find their voice in their dancing and realize that they have a Purpose that the world needs.

More about my journey later…I will definitely be sharing more along the way, so stay tuned!

My hope is that the dancers drawn to this program allow me to help them on their journey to better show up at their studios, auditions, programs, and performances with excellence, boldness, an inner confidence that can’t be shaken, and a heart of gold. We also want to create space for all to feel welcomed in this community of dancers seeking purpose.

I am so excited to see how this program impacts dancers and grateful for this community of dancers that value dancing with Purpose!!!


Sending love and light!

xoxo, Ashley

Please check out more info on our Classes page.

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