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Hi! Ashley Rich here, If you found yourself on this page and are wondering what it’s all about; well it’s pretty simple.

Created on Purpose is a blog to share all of the things that I think are beautiful. The thing about life is that we spend so much time on the negative things, that we forget that we have the power to change our perspective on how we view life. If we make the choice to truly find the good in our everyday lives; even the worst situations we encounter can have beauty knitted throughout it.

This blog will include things that I find inspirational, dance, fashion, recipes, the hard lessons, the beautiful lessons, and everything else that I learn along this journey. This blog will also include the most important part of my life…my relationship with Christ. I can truly say that since I decied to turn my focus on Jesus, my life has been an amazing, unexpected, and life-changing ride! 

I like to think that all of the awesome people that I have been blessed to cross paths with in my life are part of my extended family. I truly believe God was so intentional when he made us, and that our cultures are to be celebrated. With that being said, no matter your background, culture, or socioeconomic background, I consider family. It is extremely important to me that you all feel welcomed here and with that, I can’t wait to share all of the beautiful things…according to me.


Blessings and Love,



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