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Our Mission
It is our mission to help dancers find Purpose, Boldness, and Authenticity in their dancing through training, choreography, mentorship, dance classes, audition-prep, and performance.
Our Vision
It is our vision train up empowered dancers that are Dreamers, Visionaries, and Innovators, driven by purpose, authenticity, and creativity.

The 3 foundational questions of A. Rich Dance:

Who are you in your dancing and what is your unique voice within your movement that no one else has? Without knowing this answer in relation to dance, it can let seeds of comparison and inferiority set in, ultimately hindering you from becoming your greatest self. Your answer to this question unlocks Excellence!
What are you going to do to impact others in your dance community or the dance community at large? Our gift is not just for ourselves, but also to serve others. We can impact those around us in a positive way and encourage them to hope, have courage, and love abundantly. Your answer to this question unlocks Innovation!
Why do you dance? What inspires you to keep going when it gets challenging? It is important to revisit this often. When you know your why it limits distractions from coming in and getting you off track from your ultimate goals. Creating tanglible goals along the way can help with this as well. Your answer to this question unlocks Purpose!