Hi Dance Fam!

I’m so happy you found yourself here and I’m happy to share a little of my journey up to this point!

I am a Dance educator, Choreographer, Artistic Director, Program developer, and Mentor with over fifteen years of experience.

I started dancing at age 3 and have been in love with dance ever since! Growing up in California, I was blessed to be trained by both a competition studio, along with a Ballet/Modern studio simultaneously. I truly had amazing teachers/mentors that helped shape who I am today.

As I fell in love with both Concert and Commercial dance styles throughout my training, I had a desire to pursue both and have been blessed to able to operate in both realms throughout my career. 

My career has proven to be filled with diverse experiences such as  training in the certificate program at The Ailey School in NYC to being a top 14th finalist on So you think you can Dance’s 8th season, and many more experiences. 

Through having many different experiences in dance I have learned many things, I’ve had moments of frustration, and had times where I felt like I wasn’t enough. I’ve also had amazing dance experiences throughout my career, but it was throughout those moments of doubt that sparked something within me that I wanted to share with other dancers. That spark made me define my “why”. 

When I found my “why” everything changed. I was able to figure out what I truly wanted from dance therefore having more focus on what I wanted to do to contribute to the world through dance.  

I decided from then on that I would do all I can to help dancers realize that they have a Purpose in their dance journey, and that I would do that through creating training programs, workshops, performance opportunities, and mentorship.

So, in short that is what we do at A. Rich dance! And after 15 years of teaching Dance at studios, schools, and Universities, 6 years of having a dance company, and 3 years of developing my dance business, I truly can’t wait to help dancers find their “why” and help them unlock their true potential in dance!


xoxo, Ashley