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If you’re new to our fam, here is a quick rundown of who we are!

A. Rich Dance is powered by Purpose! We have dance classes, workshops, programs, mentorship, and intensives created to inspire and equip dancers to find more meaning and intention along their dance journey. Taking a “purposeful” approach in one’s dance journey can help a dancer go from a Dreamer to an Innovator!

With our core being Purpose, we have offerings for dancers, studio owners, and dance parents! So whether you’re one or all three of these, we hope you’ll go on this journey with us to change the dance industry for the better!

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Summer of Purpose!
Dancers! This is the place to be this summer! Don't miss out! Click the button below for more info.
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Purpose University
Studios and Dance programs! This in-house workshop is truly one of a kind! Click the button below to learn more!
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Dancers, Studios, and Dance Parents! This is podcast is just for YOU! Click the button below to listen!

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